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    This is a private coaching ground for female entrepreneurs!

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    VIP Day

    1:1 transformation based on your current needs, pick your experience!

    • Branding with Archetypes
    • Money Mindset
    • Niche & Signature Systems
    • High-End Packages
    • Charging your worth
    • Yoga Nidra Meditation*

    The UpLevel Method™

    90 Days Accelerator

    1:1 support to UpLevel your business and life in 90 Days

    In the UpLevel Method™, together, we transform:

    • Your personal branding
    • Your ideal clients
    • Your Money Mindset
    • Clear limiting beliefs and install new ones that serve you currently
    • Design your Signature System and High-End packages that sell
    • Define your optimal work schedule that includes self-care time
    • Install your business on Autopilot based on your value ladder
    • Learn how to manage your energy and not your time
    • and much more...

    You get weekly content in your inbox with video trainings + downloadable fill-out templates that will guide your growth step by step, and 1:1 biweekly coaching sessions with me to support your transformation.

  • Female entrepreneurs in the service business space with a solid business foundation and bulletproof offer thrive in any economy, country, or continent.


    I know this by experience because I’ve been there myself from China to South Africa and now in Switzerland running my 4th business yet.


    There are pillars but the key to success is your mindset, your personal branding, and your offer.


    I'm here to help you get it done in record time because I believe all female entrepreneurs could be living a life by design, not hustle, burnout, and poor health.


    Book your Clarity Audit now to see if I can help you achieve your next level of growth!


    We work under a no refund policy - these offers are real for action takers only!

    Kind words of appreciation


    "My session was a groundbreaker for me, helped me with understanding myself, my family, our health dynamics and what is best for us. How the little things matter and how we make a difference by imparting positive value to one another daily. I have been practicing the diet and life enrichment with my family and putting in the work has allowed us to see much fruit. A coach, a friend and a true blessing. Thank you Andrea."


    "Sometimes you see yourself caught in a oneway street with a blind end and all of the sudden you start thinking that there is no way out, and then like magic, you find someone who is able to remind you that there are always many other ways/possibilities out, if you only allow yourself to step out of that way of thinking, only then, will you be able to see all those possibilities." Thanks a million, Andrea Cristancho, I fully recommend you to any other mother who is open to embrace another way of thinking.


    I had a very nice meeting with Andrea during one of her Mompreneur events. I went there with the idea of networking and came back with getting to know new entrepreneurs ánd also a list full of ideas and concrete plans for my business. This gave me so much energy and I could start using it immediately. Andrea is a very friendly and open-minded coach. If you work as a self-employed person and have the feeling that you are a bit stuck in your pattern, Andrea quickly understands what you can change to continue growing.

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