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Why I'm committed to doing this work in the world

a combination of heart-mind-discipline

... And I truly believe that if we unite in this idea, we then give birth to our best work ever, and that's my purpose. To inspire people to become confident, and serve others with ease. It is my mission to be that mirror to you so that you see your whole self once again.

Us, beautiful humans, have a tendency to auto-sabotage, auto-criticise and auto-destroy our most precious gift, our heart. And worse part of it is that most of the time we're not aware of what we're doing to ourselves , and we do it unconscious and repeatedly. By he time we make it to adulthood self-confidence is an armour that can be easily shattered with words, lack of gestures or by a simple flick. Oh boy, don't we know a thing or two about this? and that's why we hide to protect ourselves, our heart from pain. That hiding becomes a norm that starts to hold us back, and next thing you know you're in your dying bed regretting all the things you didn't manage to do because we were too busy protecting our heart.

Then again, we seek solstice in control over others, rather than over our own emotions. We manipulate, and for what purpose? We confuse pride with joy, and become rebels without a cause until something clicks and makes sense once again. Then when that moment finally comes, was it all worth it? I'd say, absolutely heck yes, it's all part of our journey. Sure thing in the trip you inspired and met those whom you inspired, and for me, that's how the world spins.

So, what lessons can be shared with those who have yet to find their purpose in life? People are moved by your believes, by the reason why you do it, not by how you do it. So, speak to people about what you believe. Hire those who believe the same things that you do, and sell to those that believe the same things that you believe. In this harmony doing life, business, and much more becomes a pleasure with ease.

In setting the quest to find your purpose you'll see that you'll surround yourself with people that believe what you believe, you'll share same values and by default you'll become more confident and fulfilled. A happier human then acts and vibrates at a whole new level, to some as a leader, an inspiration, a friend. A group of such individuals trust each other, learn from each other and grow together. When they all become clear on their whys there's no force that can stop their mission, they help each other get there because collectively there's a sense of fulfilment. That's when human interaction beats it all, we then care for celebrating together!

My quest is to find my people around the globe, I've been blessed to have found friendship, love, support and motivation in many as I carry on with my mission. I wish the same luck to you. So, there's no more waiting, go out there and lead with your heart, your mind and with discipline. I'm rooting for you!

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