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Why B-Camp, the making of The Camp for Female Entrepreneurs

building a community of global likeminded sisterhood

As many endeavours start with a story, the making of my first ever Facebook Group B-Camp, The Business Camp for female entrepreneurs , is no different. The name choice has a story behind and here I'm going to share it. Are you ready?

As a child, I was 8 years old the first time I was sent to Summer Camp in the USA. As a girl born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela attending an international school, for my parents this was one hell of an educational opportunity for me to practice and polish my English. My older brother had gone once before, lost his flight connection on the way back, but survived and had a great time. Why would it be different for me? So, my mother packed my clothes inside ziplock bags with all I needed to wear for the day, and I had a bag per day for the first week. All these bags were nicely placed inside a small suitcase reaching my then hip level without wheels that I could still pull around, plus two pairs of shoes, my flip flops, a hat and toiletries.

The day arrived to take off and my mother pulled me close to her to "bless me" as is her tradition, and to instruct me in almost code words the key phrase I had to say to her over the phone in case I ever needed her to hop on a plane to come fetch me. Followed, she taught me how to use the phone to call collect.

That phrase is the one ritual I'll pass down to my daughter when time comes!

So here I was at 8 years old dragging my little suitcase across airports crossing oceans, holding the hand of a stewardess until I made it to Malibu, California.

At camp you usually stay for a week or two, I stayed for two months! I guess it was worth the money invested to get me there in the first place in the eyes of my parents.

By the end of the first week my laundry bag came back, missing the initial order my clothes had as per my mom's arrangement but I managed somehow to get dressed, figure the basics of hygiene, and follow instructions from my counsellors in English. The biggest accomplishment of it all was that I was deciding on my daily activities with my friends, as if we were a pack of wolves. And so between horse riding, arts and craft, beach outings and camp fires I learned that I was not alone. Sure thing I felt homesick from time to time, and mind you, this was back in 1990, no access to mobiles nor emails yet. The fact was that my cabin, my sisters, were there for me as I was there for them. And, these group of girls coming together from different walks of life at such young age bonded for a period of time and promised to stay friends for life.

After California for 5 years in a row I went to different Summer Caps every Summer, from the USA to Canada, and there after 1 full year abroad in Switzerland. Each Summer, each Camp, taught me the meaning and value of friendship, and allowed me to build a global sisterhood from very young. Each Summer, there I was, having the time of my life, and the best part of it is that after so many years I'm still in contact with some of these girls. The sisterhood is still alive!

So, when my time to decide on the name for my first facebook group ever, I could only think of Camp. The closest I've come to Camp as an adult is my yoga retreats, hence it is my intention to recreate my experience for you online with the goal to carry on growing my global sisterhood by sharing my best tricks and tips on business, mindset, health and wealth; and by sharing learning together. Who knows, it might be that one day we come together offline at a retreat to recreate the Camp experience, this time 2.0 Glamping style. If you haven't yet, join B-Camp, a global community of badass likeminded female entrepreneurs. You are welcome to join, simply click here to request access. See you there!

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