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Transforming your magic into a lucrative business isn’t always easy!

a VIP Day can help you get there.

Every entrepreneur has their own special magic but transforming that magic into a lucrative business isn’t always easy!

Most of the time that magic/talent/expertise sits in a pile of documents, sticky notes or take up mind space without properly being turned into value. The process of uncovering the way from chaos into clarity is not straight forward, there are multiple avenues to get there. However, I'm going to share with you the latest that has catapult me and my clients in recent years.

So, if you want to discover how to transform your expertise into an exciting signature system that is easy to market, attracts a steady stream of ideal clients and moves you forward on your most profitable path, here I'm going to explain what I’ve been using with my clients to help them get on track with their businesses.

It's called a VIP Day Intensive! And here's what it is, and isn't.

A VIP Day is a 1 day intensive done with an individual or in a small group setting, online or offline. It's a working framework designed to go deep, closely, to uncover how to transform your current business scenario and take it to that next level. According to my coach Kendall Summerhawk, from whom I learned this technique myself, there are 4 types:

  • Introduction to yours systems
  • Step by step execution
  • Mastering a new skill
  • Total immersion/make over

All types of businesses can profit and benefit from a VIP Day because there's guarantee of a high level of fulfilment when you dedicate 5 hours of exclusive work to the foundation of your business, and an experienced coach dedicates that same amount of hours helping you remove blockages, think outside of the box, and remove that that no longer serves, guiding you with proven exercises to assist you in the uncovering process.

Don't we all appreciate a helping hand? Absolutely yes, right? However, most of the time we do not know how to identify when we need this help, or even if it's worth investing in ourselves to get this level of support. I know that feeling, I've been there. When I first came across Kendall I thought I had my plan and game all figured out, it was a matter of time. Interestingly, it had nothing to do with time, it turned out I was confusing my niche and by default lacked a proper system to back me up. I also lacked clarity, and this is why fear was consuming me. Do you identify with any of this? No worries, I've got your back.
Owning your magic is key but we must have the right systems in place in order to be able to share our gifts with the world. Also, we must understand that overdelivering is not doing anybody a favor. You might think 5 hours is too short, and the truth is that it's long enough. You want to keep your energy levels in check at all times and produce your best work while in focus, and this applies to you and your coach. When you measure what you can accomplish in 1 Day working side by side with an expert, it can translate into weeks or months of solo work. Ask yourself, how much is this time well spent worth to your business? And, in order to get there, to that one goal you wanted to achieve, what's that worth to you?

A VIP Day intensive is very different from sitting in a course. At a VIP Day you are the main focus of attention throughout the whole progress, hence you can expect aha moments with frequency and intensity. The framework, more or less, is structured in four sections and different lengths (between 90 - 45 minutes each) with short breaks in between. It's as if you're eating bite size amounts of nutritious content in the perfect time frame for your mind to digest and your spirit to process it all. You walk away with clarity and a roadmap to execute at your own pace in a later stage that will surely 10x your business growth. This level of clarity is then fuel to your entrepreneurial spirit!

Three things are guaranteed to be delivered in a VIP Day: intensity in clarity, speed and tangible results. Now, isn't this what we all need to kick it off the park in business from time to time?

A VIP Day is also a great way to test if you would consider working with that one coach, or client - if you were to try to implement this in your own practice- in a longer program if that's an offer in the near future.

I'm really excited I have a big announcement, and I'm taking you with me on this journey. This invitation is for you if you're active in business in the service industry and are coachable. If that's you then get ready to be excited because I have so much new content that I'm going to be bringing to my new VIP Days. If you trust we can work together, I can help you get there.

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