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The Power of Simplicity in your Business Structures

As explaining what you do to a 7 yr old in less than 1 minute.

These days, while we “hang out” with our children daily, most likely you’re having to face the issue of explaining to them that they must be quiet and play on their own for a couple of hours now because you have to work. I bet many already got the “but why” answer before having to enter into further negotiations. The truth is, that explanation isn’t good enough for your children or yourself, we could be doing much better. Look at it from their eyes, they as well aren’t used to hanging out with parents this much, and in their world parents do basic chores and give love. Going to work is a given that didn’t require much explanation, and they got the broad picture already.

So, here’s your invitation. Why don’t we take this opportunity as a golden chance to explain to our kids what we do, what our real contribution to the world is, in simple terms that adapt to their understanding? Are you up for the challenge? I bet that the outcome of this exercise is only going to serve you, you know why, today more than ever, we are called to embrace the power of simplicity. Reminding yourself on how to bring your mind back into a state of beginnings and roots, only this time with years of experience in your back pocket will help you to find the right words.

So, let’s have fun branding ourselves to the eyes of our children, let’s do this.

Fill in the blank: I ________ people to achieve _________ by__________. That’s it!

When was the last time you brought your 20+ years of expertise into such a simple sentence to share with someone who doesn’t have a background in your field? However large or small the figure, how did it feel? I hope there was a sense of lightness in your answer.

Simplify to amplify, Marie Forleo’s coined phrase, says it all. Giving ourselves the time to look at life, business, and the family from a simpler lense might allow for our mind to narrow it all down to the most relevant pieces, the truly important ones. And, taking it from the roots we can then embark on building a much realistic and perhaps simpler approach that feels authentic to whom we are today, rather than what we are used to sharing with whoever asked in the past. Simplifying the procedure might amplify the impact in the long run.

The long-standing, Elevator pitch. Can’t leave this friend behind. This site is a fun tool that helps you build it in case you need some help However, the concept, I find, is still as valid as it has been before. In reality, people don’t have the time nor memory retention to understand the complexity of what you do but the truth is you are the one interested in sharing it in the first place. So, why don’t you help them understand you and your contribution to the world in a sentence or two? Less is best!

The Value Ladder, from Russell Brunson. This is simplicity 101 in action when speaking about running your business or a division within your organisation. In other words, what are the steps of the journey you take your client on when they embark on your company’s or division’s service/product experience? From the base all the way to the top premium, name the outcome of each step in the ladder, that’s it. Focus on one outcome per step and you’ll see in a visual representation how your whole contribution to the world can be doodled on a napkin. Brunson likes to conclude, that’s then your business model.

Now, let’s put it to test. Give it a thought, draft your new pitch and share it with your 7-year-old. I’m sure his/her eyes will shine of excitement because his/her superhero/heroine finally has revealed his/her superpowers. Our children indeed look up to, model and perhaps want to be like us one day when they grow up. At the very least his/her eyes will spark, but chances are your pitch will start an interesting conversation that will help explain why these days we all need to allocate time and space at home to get our work done. Enjoy the conversation, and share your experience in the comments below.

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