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The Journey to Finding your Authentic Voice

for Female Entrepreneurs

Your voice will end up matching your value, and that match will be reflected in your pricing!

Let’s explore this deeper, shall we?

Our voice, our mechanism to express ourselves as individuals is key in our daily lives. Our interactions, our desires, our demands, our wishes, it’s all expressed using our voice. However, in business, when we speak about finding our voice it goes a bit further than just the mechanics of expressing ourselves. Our voice, as a leading female entrepreneur, is reflecting our core values and communication skills, the impact we have in this world. As a writer, it’s finding the way to share a piece of oneself with the world in a matter that touches, uplifts, and moves people in a certain direction.

At first, finding one’s voice can be intimidating!

Have you ever stood in front of an audience finding yourself mute even though you prepared for hours in advance? Have you ever faced the camera to share your best knowledge and gone blank? Or perhaps, have you ever started to write an article and sat staring blankly at that page for long? We’ve all been there, I sure have!

Finding one’s voice is a journey, a practice, like any other. We exercise the ability to fail, re-do, re-edit, try again until it becomes easier and easier, to the point of comfort when grabbing a microphone without any practice, hitting that record button standing in front of your camera, and writing what you believe is joyful. Now, how do we get here? Aside from practice, I mean weekly practice at best, your voice is directly related to your self-worth.

The way we speak to ourselves, the way we feel about ourselves, and mostly the way we appreciate what we know and feel called to share with the world is a big part of our voice. Why? Because we reflect in any form of communication how we feel, and this is how our message impact others!

Give it a try!

Have you ever felt down and after speaking to your best friend you forget how you felt in the first place? Chances are your best friend’s voice got to you and cheered you up! The same applies to our work. The work we put out there reflects who we are, how we feel, and what we stand for. So, when looking to find your voice, first look inside and ask yourself:

How do I feel? How much do I value myself? How do I speak to myself? How do I position my self-worth in a scale from 1-10?

If you’re always giving more than what you have, check that. If you’re constantly running low in energy and motivation, find your spirit first, your voice will follow!

And, how does this tie along with your pricing? Well, that’s simple. As female entrepreneurs, we tend to reflect our self-worth in our price tag because of insecurities, false beliefs, old messages, and patterns ingrained in our subconscious. So, even if we practice on a daily basis to find our voice, moving forward, our lack of self-worth will slow us down, and our pricing will reflect that too.

So, what’s the solution? Simply, find your core, your strength, and work from there to uncover your boundaries and your self-love, your voice will follow suit. And, as soon as these two unite increase your prices. I bet at this point you’d be able to ignore what “others” are doing and rather focus on doing You.

And, if at any point in this journey you need support, feel free to reach. Money Mindset is a key component of my ongoing programs tailored to female entrepreneurs like you. To your success!

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