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Money Talks for Female Entrepreneurs!

Our relationship with money started at a very young age, think about it!

When you were young, what was the message your parents gave you regarding money? It doesn't grow in trees, work hard! Or, don't play with money, it's dirty! Money is evil! The message itself is ingrained in your subconscious today and by re-creating the awareness, the beliefs around money that were planted in your mind then, you can now shift into a positive belief that honours who you've grown to be as a female entrepreneur.

So, take a moment to think about it, and fill in the blank : Money is __________________________ .

Clearing your money mindset is important for one single reason, money is energy. We can become good at making money but have a hard time retaining it in our accounts and pockets. Or, it could be that you can't picture how to make money in a different way from the one you know today. The first step is to come clear on the meaning it has for you, and second, clear the energy around it. Yes, that's right, I said it, energy!

When we learn how to make money from a place of value, confidence and creativity, money flow with ease towards you. Have you heard of the saying "you need money to make money " well, it could also say "money attracts money", right? In any case, clearing the blockages that stand between you and the power of attraction towards money can be that step missing to move ahead. So, let's speak about how to get started.

Let's burn confusing messages rather than burn money, are you with me?

As a Female entrepreneur, many of us struggle with a few common traits: valuing our worth, charging what we're worth, and charging premium prices for our products and services. Our Money Mindset very well could be the reason why we all tend to get stuck at the same level. As we mentioned, the messages imprinted in our subconscious do matter. The way we speak about money, matters. The visual identity we identify with when it comes to money also matter. But, this doesn't have to stop our growth, we can move past these blockages and win.

The first exercise I present to you here relates to our Money Conversation, our identity with money. So, if you catch yourself using words like "My services are too expensive", or "I'm too cheap" for that matter when referring to your pricing, it's about time to alter the dialogue with "the work I do makes a huge difference in people's lives", " I value my time and my work hence my premium pricing". Entering a pricing game measuring against your worth is a losing proposition because you're in business to make money, even if you're an NGO. The balance lies in connecting your work to an amazing outcome that can truly change people's lives, and you loving what you do in exchange. #feelingproud

Next up, The Money Container. Have you taken a look at your wallet lately? if you haven't, go ahead and do so right now. Does your wallet reflect the woman in business that you are? Is it bulky, messy, old? Or, is it neat, tidy and looks good? Are you happy with your wallet?

Let's focus on your wallet as the container you use to carry around your money on daily basis, and translate to your budgeting spread sheets, your investment files, your online banking, your payroll software, your credit lines, your receipts, etc. Are you the type of gal that leaves coins sitting around the whole house and go collect coins before leaving the house? Or, do you keep a nice environment around every dime you produce and know how to foster it? Give it a thought and reflect on whom you'd like to be.

It's as simply as getting organised, so let's get started. Go shopping if need be for a new wallet and set a new mechanism to keep track of your money in the environment you feel good, proud and allows for growth. Let your wallet represent who you are today. Spend some time to tackle your finances head first and figure a clear current reality of your financial situation so that you can commit and set goals for growth.

Last and as important as the first exercises, let's Imprint a New Identity regarding money in our subconscious, shall we? Crafting statements that resemble our new identity or the person we'd like to become is key. Making your identity statement feel like a stretch is the starting point. This is not a money goal, it's an identity of who you are, and ultimately who you'd like to be.

Think about who you'd like to be in your profession, and complete the statement in the present:

I am a ________________________ .

And, follow by stating in the present as well with your new money identity. For example, I am an International Author. I am a million dollar entrepreneur.

If a million sounds like a far "crazy" stretch, then make it a six figures but aim high. Once you're comfortable with your statements, make it a habit to repeat them on daily basis, 1 to 3 times at the very least. Have them visible in front of your desk, in your screen saver, as a phone notification. The daily imprint of your new statements will craft the person you will become in the near future, you'll be surprised. And then what, as you grow you'll bump into new roadblocks so carry on doing the work.

These are just a few simple exercises of the multiple we implement together in my VIP Day UpLevel your Money Mindset. If this work resonates with you head over to book your Clarity Audit to learn details of how I can help you grow into becoming a money attraction magnet. To your success!

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