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Imagine Your Life as a Health Coach

I did it, so can you!

I recall I was sitting in my friend's home in Shanghai when he called me over to read the subtitle of the contributor's article he just read, It said Health Coach. His suggestion was for me to look into it, and so I left with that seed planted in my head. A few years later that calling woke up once again, and this time searching online I found IIN's site featuring a comment from a great friend of mine, fellow graduate and Health Coach. I was in shock thinking "this must be a sign" so I booked a consultation to speak to one of IIN's sales consultants. But, before I got on the call, I sent my friend a message and to my surprise right away she recommended the school, the program and the curriculum. By the time I got on the phone I was sold, and so I started my journey unto my next level of being of service. I graduated in January 2019, and as an International Business Woman, I thought of ways on how to bring to life the Holistic approach I made for myself towards business, and this is how my Holistic Business Coaching Business was born.

The food we feed our mind and body (primary and secondary food, in the terms of IIN), what we put on our plate on daily basis, is what fuels us to strive in life and business. Now, having the mechanisms to plan ahead and build a new habit will help us make these shifts for good in the direction we desire is my mission, the one I teach in my business.

If you click on the image above, you'll have access to explore IIN and to a sample class, how cool is that? If you're curious in exploring what becoming a Health Coach yourself, this is your chance to dive deep into your calling. As well, this is my open invitation to reach out and let me know if you'd like to know more about my experience as a student and Health Coach in practice. I look forward having the opportunity to speak to you, to your success!

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