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How to work from home and avoid procrastination

7 habits to stay in action, for good!

You are not alone, my friend, we're most likely feeling the same way right now. And, guess what, I've already sabotaged my own planned agenda for the 10th time today. You too?

Even though I've worked remotely online from home for some years now, there are new factors in my equation that have altered my rhythm and productivity. Hence, I'll be blunt and open with 7 habits that have helped me to stay in action and keep my procrastination friend outside the house. Hope these help:

  1. Plan out your week on Sunday afternoon, and your day the night before to pick your ONE most important task to achieve the next day, and the following 2-3 items on that list to follow. Try not to cramp it all in one big To-Do List. Instead, break all your tasks in bite-size action steps and tackle them one by one in order, day by day.
  2. Focus in time chunks of max 90 minutes in one stretch, schedule your tasks throughout the day, turn on the Do Not Disturb button when working on creation, mute all distractions, and dive on - don't stop until your stop watch marks the end of the 90 minutes. 
  3. Get up and move. Ideally every 45 min, if not every 90, move! During break go share with your family, step into the balcony-terrace-garden to get some Sun, drink water. Perhaps have your meals then, but also cap these times too as if another meeting awaited on you back at your desk. 
  4. Set boundaries to avoid overdoing which will result in not doing quality work at the end of the day, and having to re-do instead. Take yourself seriously!
  5. Dedicate time for self-care, be it a bath, a yoga class online, step into the sauna, reading a book, sipping a glass of wine starring at the stars. If can't happen in the morning set some time by the end of the day to unwind. Whatever, whenever counts! The point is, reset your mind and spirit within a regular cycle so that you feel release and rejoice. 
  6. Community time counts and it's important! Pin in in schedule as 16:00 Skype with Mom! or 17:30 Get groceries for Mrs. Wisse. 
  7. Family time is gold. Even though we feel we're with them 24/7 these days, they need us more than ever to stay grounded and healthy. Hence, set time in your schedule to hang out with them without duties, homework, chores, none of that. We need more hugs, cuddles, and love!
Stay grounded, clear minded and healthy my friend. We're in this together, and this shall also pass. In the meantime, let me know what would you'd include in this list. Looking forward to your comments below.
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