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How to plan and stay on focus!

secret to success: 90 days planning habit

Well, hello there!

Has the New Year rush already worn out on you? I hope not!

If you haven't done it yet, you're still on time. That's right, get on to planning your year ahead, don't let luck drive you down to nothing land, rather get behind the wheel and land your dream goals.

this time, I'm going to share my top 5 habits that keep me going and on track, no matter what, here they are:

1) Plan ahead for the upcoming 90 days. Yes, that's right! No matter if you aren't certain of where you'll be then, if you plan for it most likely you'll be where you want to be then. Keep a big picture schedule somewhere in your computer or diary, and then narrow it down to your upcoming 12 weeks.

2) Plan your week in advance. On Sundays dedicate some time to review your scheduled meetings, your tasks and activities for the next week so that you can picture what the coming week will look like. Once you've got a clear picture go ahead and block some time for self-care, exercise, and meditation. If it's not already in your daily habits, input time to call a loved one - block some time for human relations too. It's fuel to your soul.

3) Plan your meals! I know this sounds daunting but it will guarantee health and stress-free meals in the long run. So, how do we make it happen? simple. Take out a white piece of paper and your favourite pen. Draw columns and rows to fit in 3 meals each day 5 days a week. We'll apply the 80/20 rule here and say over the weekends you'll go out with friends and family, and you'll spend a few hours in the kitchen batch cooking for the next week. So, come back to your chart and write in essence what a whole meal looks like over breakfast, lunch and dinner for you and your family. Be creative, re-invent recipes and mix & match left over. Check the fridge and make a list of what's missing, go ahead and order it online or plan for your visit to the market in your week. Place the calendar on your fridge and snap a picture of it to have it handy when you're out and about. Now, try your best to stick to your plan. No guilt here, make it fun and stay real.

4) Plan your day (be specific) and focus on "the one thing" of the day. Set up your day in a way that you tackle your most crucial task fist thing in the morning with a sharp mind so that you get it off your to-do list and sail away to other tasks knowing your top priority is done. Pfff, it feels good! In case you've got a handful of priorities, narrow them down to your ONE first and get to all others as follow. Make regular water breaks between tasks and move your body in the process.

5) Share your plan with a friend and keep 'em posted. Have and be a cheerleader to hold you accountable to your greatness at all times.

If you stay on this lane in 2020, I'm certain you'll be writing back with great stories on how you've achieved your goals this year. I can't wait to hear from you, please share your wins in the comments below. To your success!

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