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How to handle rejection as an Solo Entrepreneur

for female entrepreneurs

As many of my fellow female entrepreneurs have experienced, no matter how much you train yourself, rejection is part of the game.

The sound of “No”, hearing a “No, thanks”, and going past your fears every time you get a negative response to your offer is part of the daily experience of an entrepreneur. Some take it personally, some others have grown a thick skin and move on. My take on this matter is rather different, I belong to a different camp. To me, rejection builds resilience, and the trick to bring this feeling to a normal is setting boundaries. Both nos and yeses are welcome in my world.

I mean, boundaries are about self-worth! The better you get at setting boundaries, the more your self-worth will improve. And, the more your self-worth improves, the more money you’ll attract.

Let me explain, by setting boundaries I mean staying true to yourself, to your company values, your goals, and your morale. No matter what you get as an offer or proposal if it doesn’t match your criteria, simply say no. Why? Because others do the same. You’re not better or worse accommodating others, you’re good at what you do because you know who you are and what you’re worth, what you can offer, period.

Standing in your truth you serve from a higher purpose, you then deliver your best value, and by doing so you attract more of what you want. As female entrepreneurs, this applies to business, but as well to your business network, your circle of friends, and your family. And here comes the times we have to say No, following act, guilt kicks in. Why is that? Because you aren’t certain from your standpoint. Think about it!

When you get a No for an answer, you had a 50% chance of a yes previously, at least in your mind. No matter how polite this No answer comes, it’s a simple rinse off and try again, that’s it. When you answer with a No, the later is exactly what the other person is doing. These are the rules of the game. So, why let room for guilt to take over and manipulate your judgment?

In entrepreneurship, at least in time, we learn how to tune in to our instinct, our criteria, and indeed it comes easier to cope with rejection. As a solo entrepreneur chances are you don’t have many people around you to discuss opportunities with and this makes you doubt. No matter the setting, here are a few pointers to help you handle rejection in a smoother way.

  • Don’t take it personally, it’s just business

  • Don’t let guilt or sorrow into the party, they’re not welcome

  • Breathe in, rinse and repeat

Having clear boundaries, protocols, processes, and pricing in mind at all times will help you get more comfortable with a No in time. Just get to practice and let me know how it goes!

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