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How to design a Signature Program that sells?

Imagine your uniqueness, your expertise, your best practices all compiled in one structure that is easy to follow and implement. One that benefits your ideal clients, that bring results, again and again, that helps most of the people you work with excel in their business with your input. Imagine when your main business focus is to be promoting your signature system across borders!

It sounds simple and it is simple to implement as your flagship program, the complexity lies in the creation of it, the market testing, and the implementation of all the pieces together to the point that runs on autopilot. Here’s where my expertise comes into play, I can help you design your signature program. I’ve learned how from my coach Kendall Summerhawk and since then have improved by infusing it with my own 13 years of business experience.

Here, I’ll describe the elements of it, and how you can get started creating yours. Starting with your mindset, the system itself, and the creation steps.

Let’s tackle each one by one. Think of your signature system as organizing your unique process, step by step. Each step has clearly defined outcomes. When you’re able to dissect someone’s expertise into steps that unfold unique results, you begin to mirror your client’s greatness and help them catapult their business into a higher level because it has the potential to radically transform their business. Giving an order, a sequence - a system- to your work makes your expertise highly marketable, easy for your ideal clients to understand what you do and can hire you for, easy to talk about what you do, and is a dynamic way to help your clients build their business.

The mindset. The aim is to feel calm and organized about what you do, to the point that you’re able to talk about your services with clarity and confidence. It positions you as an expert on your topic and it will inspire your copywriting, blog posts, articles, interviews, etc. Your system will say you’ve got it figured out for your client! You might think you or your clients might get bored of focusing on a signature system but the reality is that this is going to give you the confidence of a true leader.

The system. Specializing is the key to attracting new clients, and offering your signature system in a variety of ways will give you freedom because you’re leveraging your time and your opportunities. You’ll be able to stay focused and avoid the shiny object syndrome, and clients love hearing you have a step by step process because it’s focused on achieving tangible results.

The creation. Your signature system won’t include all of your knowledge, exercises, or abilities. You can indeed have multiple systems if that’s your choice. What’s important is to focus on only basics for each step, and have steps that build upon each other so you don’t overwhelm yourself or your client. Doing “your thing” with each client most likely you are following a particular process with each person, one that you can measure again and again. Now, the task is to narrow the steps of “your thing” to a minimum of 4 ideally not more than 10 steps. So, imagine an ideal client working with you along each step, what would you have them do? What would you ask them to achieve? What tools would you bring to each step?

This is the beginning. Join me on an Intensive VIP Day to create your system in less than 5 hours, guaranteed. To your success!

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