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How do you Eat?

Nutrition and Mindfulness go hand-in-hand

A good friend of mine likes to say "how you do one thing is how you do everything", and last week while we were in a coaching session she mentioned it, once again. It stayed with me for long and it became an anchor for mindfulness for the past days.

I'm big on mindfulness but at times I find myself running on auto-pilot and guess what, I don't notice the details in my daily habits.

So, I decided to run a few days with my mindful hat on and surprisingly noticed that my eating habits, meaning the way we eat, can absolutely translate to my friends saying.

Here are the 5 ways I've noticed we (people) eat, and I'd like to invite you to do this experiment yourself.

  1. On the Go. If you were to sit on a park bench in the morning, you'll see lots of people going by sipping on their cups. You'll wonder if it's coffee or tea, or a yummy green smoothie. And if you were to go back to that same bench during lunch hours you'll notice a lot of people chewing on their sandwiches on the go. I could only wonder what's the hurry, can they stop for 30 minutes to enjoy?
  2. With my Tech BFF. Companionship is great but not when you count your mobile as your BFF. When it comes to eating while you're scrolling down your Insta feed, or the news. What we consume through our eyes while we eat will affect our digestion. Hence, rather observe others, the horizon, or even better go find a buddy and catch up while enjoying your meal. 
  3. In acrobatics. That means crossed legged, laying down, on your belly or back, sideways, standing, I think you get the picture. Science has proven that staying upright is the best position to sustain during and soon after you've eating to allow the food to digest properly rather than moving back up to the esophagus. So if you've chosen to picnic over lunchtime, be mindful of your sit while in the park. As well, if you have children, teach them these tips and reinforce the family mealtime on the table all together for optimal health. 
  4. Solo, or a table for more? Building relationships over meals should be in the curriculum of every school around the globe. Most likely we learned that at home but as we moved away and walked into the "real world", we found ourselves having meals by ourselves more and more. If that's the case, go ahead and book your next breakfast, lunch or dinner date with your friend. It can be fun to catch up while discovering the next food hall around the corner. I'll guarantee that in the good company food tastes better!
  5. No need for food, thanks! skipping meals might be your habit, and it could be that fasting is your ultimate success for keeping your body weight and health in check. However, I would encourage you to go deeper and listen to what your body says about your blood sugar spikes. As your bio-individuality is your main guide, learning to tune in to what our bodies say is golden. 
My biggest takeaway is to be mindful of how we nourish our bodies, not only on what we are eating. Check on your stress levels before you begin your meal to lower your cortisol levels. Take a deep inhale if need be to bring you back to presence. Nourish your body with joyful oxygen before you take that first bite!
And certainly, since I started implementing what I learned from my latest course on balancing blood sugar from fellow IINer Nicole Jardim, I can't recommend enough to implement the superhuman breakfast. That is to start your day with a rockstar whole breakfast that will nourish you and balance your blood sugar throughout your productive AM hours. A superhuman breakfast contains protein, fat, fiber and complex carbohydrates in one serving. I can only suggest to slowly move away from spiking your blood sugar for optimal health.
Do your own experiment and let me know your findings in the comments below.
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