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Do you make this mistake in your business?

... you're not the only one!

Hey there, entrepreneurs, are we in this together?

I mean, in the social distancing, YES!

But I mean, are we in for improving and tweaking around our best asset in our business? Oh YES!

We all know it but just a few of us actively build it. Let’s dive in, we’re talking about List building, you guessed right.

I'm a big fan of self-assessments and this is because I love to take in knowledge and right away move into action. I’m a big believer that once we passed the ideation phase and move straight into the creation phase, only then, magic happens. However, (confession time) I still struggle on the creation phase because I tend to want to cover all bases and angles of it to its best shape, and it ends up taking longer than expected. And here comes the best, if I don’t set a deadline for myself, Oh God, I can extend way longer than my original plan. Does this resonate with you?

As I grow my coaching business I’ve seen I’m not alone, my clients struggle with this too, and if you’re anything like me, you’d like my Top 3 Action Steps to move past the ideation phase when it comes to List building. Before going any further, why is List building so important? In a nutshell, your list is the traffic that you control to your business without any risk on algorithm changes nor social media platform updates. Focusing on building your List as a business owner should be ranked at the top of your priorities because by building your List you’re building a direct line of communication between your community, your clients, and your message.

How do we go about it? First, start where you’re at! We all start somewhere compiling our family and friends’ emails, and from then on extending the invitation to join your community to acquaintances, prospects, cold leads, etc. Starting with 10 and building it up to the thousands and beyond is the goal. You can use free tools like Mail Chimp, or Active Campaign (paid one I use and recommend) or any other of this sort to get started right away. Second, draft your roadmap on how you can be adding more people to your list by welcoming them to your community. There are plenty of ideas, such as download a Free attractive PDF, sign up for a discount code coupon, get the first chapter of my book, etc. Pick your best work and share something useful and attractive so that people will pick up your invitation and then choose to join your community. The beauty of having an automated list building tool in place is that your subscribers will always have the choice to unsubscribe when they’re no longer interested in you with one single click, easy. How awesome is that? I don’t know about you but I get annoyed by emails that do not offer me the option because It’s an email chain and I happen to be bcc. Third, treat your List like your family, with love and care, why? Because these are humans at the other end. If they trust you with their email address honor that relationship and do your very best to share on a regular basis, that’d only help to build trust, learn more from each other and keep you top of their mind.

It's now the time to get into action building your List in order to stop the number 1 mistake that most business owners make, that is to ignore this task for long until it becomes a daunting chore. If this topic still overwhelms you, head over to my website get a 15’ free guided meditation as my welcome into my community and let me know if you need support in getting this started once my email reaches your inbox. In the meantime, wishing you a happy List building!

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