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Branding with Archetypes - Part III

How much would it be worth for you to have clear guidance on your message and image online? How much would you give to have certainty on your content creation because it was written for your ideal customers? What would it take for you to commit to your brand promise, what you stand for, and portrait what you’re an expert at in every service/product you put out there? I’m going to bet your answer is: Yes, I’d love that!

For most of us, at times, the priority influenced in the environment you’re at dictates what we dedicate our time to work. For example, when working within a corporation most likely you have a boss or a supervisor calling the shots for you. What if you’d like to become that supervisor, how can you become that next level of yourself/career to pursue that dream?

As a women entrepreneur, chances are you’ve got to regularly set a date with yourself wearing the CEO hat and commit to your short term and long term goals, get creative and resourceful, gather all your discipline in order to achieve that next level of growth.

Now, picture this, when creation time comes to gear up to commence that new quest and you have in front of you clear guidance, sort of a mood board reflecting your best self, your most important values, reminding you of the experience you want to bring forth to your customers, and the look-touch-feel your name will bring by to anyone that crosses your path. How easy and pleasant would it be to create then? The Soul of Your Brand Guide is exactly that roadmap, and we can create it together in my upcoming Branding with Archetypes Virtual workshop to get started. Join Now!

Coming back to this mini-series, in the previous editions we have described the Archetype’s spiritual contract in brief, and in this last piece, I will explain the last six out of the twelve Archetypes. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

The spiritual contract of the Hero Archetype is to achieve grace by triumphing over adversity. The Hero’s bravery and courage can take many forms, from toughness, conquest, and the drive to battle, to championing those who cannot stand up for themselves. The Hero finds strength in adversity and values resilience, honor, and ambition. No matter what, the Hero helps us tap into our own sense of honor, values, and conviction.

The spiritual contract of the Humanitarian Archetype is to speak up for the common man/woman. The humanitarian is the unsung hero. Their preference is to work behind the scenes for what they believe is fair and just, though they are willing to take center stage for a cause that is important enough to them. The humanitarian archetype taps into our desire to know that we all count, and we each have a voice, no matter what our status is in life.

The spiritual contract of the Ruler Archetype is to create order, peace, and prosperity. The Ruler’s mission is to create a structure so others can prosper. Though often quiet, they are commanding, authoritative, and have little patience for ambiguity. The Ruler archetype appeals to our desire to feel important, in control, and in charge. Ruler brands help us become the King, Queen, or Goddess of our domain.

The spiritual contract of the Alchemist Archetype is to make dreams come true. The Alchemist is the visionary, catalyst, innovator, charismatic leader, mediator, shaman, healer, or medicine man or woman. They inspire people to commit to a higher vision of what they can be or do. Their service promises transformation and often has the allure of an instant change. The Alchemist appeals to our desire to snap our fingers and experience a sense of magic, transforming ourselves or our situation into what we dream it can be.

The spiritual contract of the Maverick Archetype is to challenge the world as we know it. The Maverick is driven to shake things up. They are the rebel, outlaw, daredevil, or revolutionary. They feel like an alienated outsider yet often possess a romantic “bad boy” identity that is highly charismatic. The Maverick’s power to transform is by disruption, breaking the rules, and challenging authority. Their need to revolt is a powerful force behind important social change, yet can also swing to lawlessness and even the victimizing of others.

The spiritual contract of the Jester Archetype is to offer a different perspective. The Jester never satisfied with the status quo uses its cleverness to help us see the world from a new perspective. The Jester’s love of the unexpected jars us out of complacency and reminds us not to take life too seriously. The jester gives us permission to, at times, be a little naughty, have fun, and escape from our daily cares and responsibilities. By making fun of anything and everything the Jester helps us relax and add fun, spontaneity, and enjoyment into the predictability of our lives.

Now is your time to find out which are your Archetypes by taking the quiz followed by the crafting of The Soul of your Brand, plus the remaking of your LinkedIn Profile Bonus at my upcoming Branding with Archetypes Virtual workshop taking place on August 24th from 10:00 to 12:30 AM CET Online via Zoom. Sign up for only CHF97 at the early bird discount (CHF100 off) before the price goes up to its regular CHF 197. Limited space is available at the discounted price, grab your spot now!

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