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Branding with Archetypes - Part II

Let’s continue this ongoing conversation further, shall we?

In the description and development of The Soul of your Brand Guide, we first need to carry on exploring in order to find out which are your two main Archetypes.

So let me introduce you to 3 more, are you ready?

But before I do that I’d like you to think about this one question, why is it important to cultivate a personal brand? Is it needed and necessary after all? The answer is Yes, and here are 3 reasons why:

No matter the lifestyle you choose to live, desire, or wish for, the one thing we all have in common as female entrepreneurs is that we strive to make money, we look for our financial independence, don’t we? Then the question becomes, how to obtain that money? The avenues are infinite but not you as the asset, there’s only one you and that is what we need to UpLevel, why? First, because we need a reasonably interesting and varied life to fulfill our human desires. Second, in a crowded market, it’s your job to stand out from the crowd. So if you position yourself in a clear and positive way, impress your people, and carry out your career in this manner you’ll attract your ideal clients/employer in return. Ultimately people do business with whom they trust and like, right? Companies hire people they identify with. So, underestimating the power of your personal brand is sort of missing a huge resource that lies there for free for you to excel. Third, no matter what role you take, people will try to find you online and you want to leave a good impression, don’t you?

Having said this, here’s my question to you: Are you an explorer, an artist, or a sage?

The Explorer’s spiritual contract is to discover deep fulfillment, freedom, and authenticity. The explorer’s drive is to seek new experiences. They have a foot in both the physical and the spiritual world, as they see both as landscapes of possibilities and self-expression. Restless and often ambitious, the Explorer’s quest is for individuality and uniqueness. They often feel alone and shy away from depending on others. Their intensive need for wide-open roads and what is new or different keeps them on the move.

The Artists’s spiritual contract is to confidently honor self-expression. The Artist’s drive to reimagine the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary is fueled by a deep desire to make things different than they are. Their imagination and unwillingness to conform is the catalyst for innovation and a never-ending stream of possibilities. What we see as simply lumps of clay, bits of paint and canvas, bricks and mortar or untapped potential, the Artist sees as an unlimited potential to transform our human experience.

The Sage Archetype spiritual contract is to discover the truth and share wisdom. The sage archetype is driven to search for information, wisdom, and insight, and share these with the rest of the world. The sage is a natural skeptic and seeks to find proof of evidence to validate their discoveries, insights, or hypothesis. At their best, the Sage integrates information and insight to uplift our spirit and advance our lives.

So far, have you identified which one are you? Stay tuned for the upcoming part, there are 6 more archetypes to explore. In The Branding with Archetypes System, there are 10 steps in creating The Soul of Your Brand Guide. In a VIP Day with me 1 on 1, we can discover and infuse your archetypes right away into your brand. Stay tuned for the next part coming next week, but if you can’t wait, simply book your Clarity Audit today to get started. To your success, speak soon!

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