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7 tips for starting a meditation practice

and why you should consider it!

As you already know, I'm a big advocate of wellness and health, as well as organizational systems and business growth. Now, for some, these two worlds do not collide, but for me, they do perfectly. They've always had, and the way I've come to this equilibrium is by meditating.

My journey with meditation hasn't been steady nor easy. I've had moments in life where a sit is all I need to clear my mind in minutes. I've also had retreats of absolute solitude by the Sea that helped me make important life decisions. I've had long hours of lay in the quest of answers, but also many days where I can't manage to let go of my thoughts, quiet the mind and find presence in the moment. So, does this mean I don't know how to meditate? No, what it means is that I'm human, just like you. We live in cycles and there are times when our mind-body-spirit connection finds that peace easier than some others, that's all.

However, there are many students and clients of mine who battle with meditation. So, let's talk about the big elephant in the room. To meditate doesn't make you a better person. Also, there's no badge of honor for meditating hours a day, nor is there a trophy waiting for you when you come out of your sit.

Meditation, to meditate, is one more tool. That's all! It's a tool that in the form of practice can help you transform, grow and find clarity. Once the practice becomes a habit, it's stays with you forever.

Now here are 7 tips I've learned along these years that might help you establish a consistent meditation practice for good:

  1. Start small. From the simple intention to sit, take a deep inhale and quiet your mind for a minute, counts. Use a stopwatch to measure your progress if you like, but don't force yourself for a longer sit when you're just starting out. Start wherever you are now, and let the practice take you progressively to longer meditations. Trust the process, it'll come. 
  2. Shift to the idea of being rather than doing. It's not about the meditation, it's all about having a date with yourself when you sit or lie down. 
  3. Set the right environment. Be it your bedroom, a separate closet space, or your own meditation cave. Set the place and leave it ready to welcome you when you're ready to meditate the next time. Have the right bolsters handy, clean and ready to be used. If you overthink chances are you'll end up using up the time and wasting the energy in the wrong process. You can enhance with music and aroma to make it more memorable.
  4. Focus on your posture. That's: chin parallel to the ground, straight elongated back, spine aligned with hips, shoulders rolled back and down, belly relaxed, legs crossed or straight (depending on your sitting base) and eyes closed. If while you're meditating and let go of your posture, bring yourself back to it without much movement. Always come back to the base!
  5. Breath. Simple inhalations and exhalations work fantastic. Now, if you want to go deeper, try some pranayama, and kriya inclusive. And, if you feel like throwing all at it, include mudras too. 
  6. Use guided meditations. As we follow a recipe when we start learning how to cook, use guided meditations to slowly but steadily take you to that next level where you'll feel confident to sit on your own. 
  7. Experiment and connect with the practice that floats your boat. There's no best way nor approach here. When it comes to meditation you can be sitting, walking or lying down, your choice. I always recommend to try out and practice the path of least resistance. That way you'll come back to it more often. 
I have been privileged to study with amazing teachers. They all have guided me with different techniques throughout my journey. For me, these have all been gifts handed over. The latest I've explored and have stuck to is Yoga Nidra, hence my desire to share with you. Find one of my recordings by signing up on my page. Enjoy the practice and share your journey. Namaste!
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