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7 must-have in-store to guarantee your growth in 2020

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Good habits and repetition = Mastery!

This is the formula I've created so far while developing my coaching business.

Herein, the 7 tips I'd like to share with you:

  1. Use a Marketing Automation System so that you can grow your email list with ease. I’m very happy using Active Campaign
  2. Use a daily planner and a weekly schedule that helps you keep your mind free from ideas and rather jot them down in the right place for when execution time comes you get started. The least you let your mind run with ongoing ideas the less stress you'll feel on a daily basis. I'm very happy using Trello
  3. Develop your business signature program, service or product. Promote this flagship offer and devote all your time and effort to marketing that one single product that generates most of the revenue until you reach steady growth in your pipeline and in your account.
  4. Focus on talking to your #1 ideal customer, redefine your niche if need be.
  5. Pay attention to your bio-individuality as your key nutritional tip. Avoid diets and trends. Instead, include in your diet superfoods and vitamins daily, don’t skip meals, avoid refined sugar, empty carbs, and dairy when possible, reduce alcohol and coffee to a minimum social consumption and rather amp up your water intake. Automate your Meal Planner so that it gets your meal tasks out of your mind and into the kitchen ready to prepare beautiful home-cooked whole meals in record time. I’m very happy with cookiedoo.
  6. Create daily habits AM routine that sets you up for success, and includes movement, meditation, journaling, as well as affirmations that set your mind in a positive mindset.
  7. Have thorough sleep hygiene, honor your body's rest time based on your unique needs. Go to sleep in total darkness, and try to avoid waking up to check your phone right away.

Let me know in the comments below which one appeals to you the most. I can't wait to read your wins. All my best, Andrea.

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