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5 tips for having an ideal work environment

Co-working spaces vs home office, what's yours? #women entrepreneurs

Your workspace will inspire you to make decisions and take action, this is why it's important to create your ideal work environment.

This week I've immersed myself in the world of coworking spaces in Zurich and Basel, and the experience has been wonderful. My highlights, to name a few, lots of inspiration from seeing like-minded entrepreneurs rocking away in front of their screens, just like me. Design winning ambiance that describes the vibe and scene you can expect once you're part of that community. Great places to share a cup of coffee or tea over fantastic conversations. #communitybuildingworks.

As a women entrepreneur, the choice of working from home or joining a co-working space was one I had to make from the very beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. I've had the privilege to be part of such spaces in Shanghai, Johannesburg and now Basel. However, in 2020 I've decided to have both!

Yes, to work from my ideal home office and also be part of a community at a co-working space because they are both environments that serve my business growth at different levels.

Now, this is a very personal decision, and here I want to share my top 5 tips to consider when choosing your ideal working space:

  1. Create or choose a place that speaks about you. If a client were to enter your office, what would that space say about you?
  2. Clear the clutter from under, above and around you. How? Take the executive decision to remove the things that don't belong there. Each item in your office must serve a purpose for your idea creation and/or focus, it's not a storage facility. In this particular point, that's a wining aspect of working from a co-working space. You stay mobile and agile!
  3. Build the habit of cleaning your table once finish so that it welcomes you every morning. This means, don't leave a mess behind. Instead, clear your table away every evening to start fresh the next day. 
  4. Keep in your range of vision the pieces that represent who you'll like to be not who you were. For example, family albums, dust collectors acquired 15 years ago on a trip, etc. You get my point!
  5. If you're anything like me, you'd also enjoy keeping files in binders and your books handy. However, keep these in bookshelves that speak about you in a positive way, and you have real access to each because every single item has its own space. 

Let me know, what does your ideal workspace look like, that is if you haven't yet found it? Share in the comments below!

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