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3 stress management hacks for

female entrepreneurs

As today we celebrate #healthcoachday, there's no better moment to share 3 stress management hacks for female entrepreneurs.

The reality is that when we focus on our business, on others (like family), we tend to leave ourselves last in the list of priorities. As we must water our plants to thrive, we should prioritise our self-care routines on a weekly basis at the minimum, as a start. How do we define self-care? is always the trigger question because the truth is that there's no right or wrong answer. It all depends on what your standard is and how stressed out you feel. For example, a warm bath with Epson salts and a few drops of organic lavender oil might do the trick. Or, it could be lying down for a 20' Yoga Nidra session resets your system. Also, it could be resting over the sofa while catching up with your best friend in that long-overdue call. No matter what you decide your definition of self-care is, the point is to allocate time to unplug, unwind, and relax consciously and willing to devote time to yourself. Bonus points, make this a weekly ritual, and if you end up enjoying it make it a couple of times per week.

Next up, The one thing. It's a precious practice, one that we tend to oversee because the bias status quo has taught us to overload ourselves. Have you ever heard of focusing your intention on one thing to see it flourish? well, this practice goes in this direction. The one thing that means you pick one important task to achieve, your most important, your most pressing, the one that needs to be done because otherwise generates stress. Then, you set aside enough time in the morning when you're fresh, before reading your mail, or catching up with clients or peers, to get this one thing done. Boom, completed, out of the way! By doing so you liberate yourself from mental and most likely physical pressure too that might be building up by simply knowing you've got a pending task. Now, imagine if you build a habit around getting The ONE thing done every single day first thing in the morning. You will be building a habit of efficiency prioritising that that needs your most attention first and then following up with the least important tasks for the day if any at all.

Last, and as important, rely on your stellar team. No matter if this is an external or internal team, the people you count on to get the job done. First, lead side by side, and lean on to them to achieve your goal. The art of delegating is one that requires time and practice to master. Why, how come? well, it's not the same to request and demand, or order someone to get something done for you. Rather, when you build your team based on trust and you know the person is stronger than you in getting that one task done, you'll be delighted or nicely surprised with their work. This means, it'll make your work easier because you know someone else has got your back, and you now you've got someone else's back. Bonus point: pick your team wisely!

As a female entrepreneur, no matter in which stage of your business growth you are, you can implement these 3 hacks to manage your expectations, daily tasks, and most importantly stress with these tools that in time can transform into healthy habits. Give them a try and let me know in your comments below. To your success!

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