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#1 thing you should know about me!

and I feel proud

Let's get loud! and feel proud!

YES, I'm a Latina 100%. Proud to be... y, donde esta mi gente?

That's exactly what my bones are saying after watching the Super Bowl 2020 half- time show. (disclaimer: I just watched the show, no football watching here, I'm a soccer fan).

OMG, Shakira, and J. Lo together, sharing the stage, old-time hits, calling upon us Latinas. I've got to make a full stop and join this global celebration! Our time is now, I can feel the Latin power running through my veins as I write, and I'm not denying the little tear of joy that follows.

Two of my childhood idols, to whom I used to dance to watching MTV (that's right, 90's babe). Today, global empires, examples of working moms and Latin icons, joining forces at one of the major entertainment events in the USA, says a lot. Seeing the Colombian and Puerto Rico's flag be waved in the air, just makes my half Colombian self smile, full stop.

Hold it there, what does it mean to be Latino, Andrea? to me, it's perhaps sharing a mix of African, Indigenous, European roots, my case at least. It could also be to be born in different countries around the globe but tracing your family roots to the Central and South of the American continent. And certainly, speaking Spanish as our mother tongue. However, the most important aspect is feeling proud of our people. Our roots run deep, and the music brings us together. Note: this is my definition, no lecture here.

Growing up I've seen how bit by bit our culture and language have gained importance around the world, and some people fall for it, some others find it too much. And that's okay, we've got to learn to love and accept everyone, no matter where they're from. Funny enough, I do see how it's easier than ever to share the wider aspects of being a Latino, and I can't be more grateful because as a mom of a half Latina growing away from my roots, I've got no fear she'll feel the same way as I do, one day.

Today, I celebrate Latino women! Know that a proud sister stands by your side, and walks the talk shaking "La Melena" day in and day out. And, later this afternoon will hit the dance floor with style as Shakira and J.Lo do. To us Latinas!

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